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Winter 2016 Edition

The Winter 2016 Edition of Menacing Hedge has arrived in all its strange and visceral glory. Fiction contributors include Alice Doherty, Wendy Gist, Janae Green, Eric Hawthorn, and K.C. Mead-Brewer. Poetry contributors include Julie Brooks Barbour, A.E. Clark, Rebecca Connors, Katharine Diehl, Amy Friedman, Jennifer Givhan, Ken Hass, Jessie Janeshek, Jessica Lindsley, Isabel Mader, Jillian M. Phillips, Jen Stein, Mary Stone, and Artress Bethany White. The edition also includes Caitlin Thomson's review of T.A. Noonan's Midway Iterations. Please take the time to listen to the audio recordings and of course, please do check out Scary Bush for our brave contributors' "early efforts".

Menacing Hedge

Menacing Hedge is a quarterly journal of poetry, fiction and artwork, which is committed to fostering access to emerging and experimental poetry and prose. Ongoing publication is scheduled for the first weeks of July, October, January, and April. Menacing Hedge will carefully archive all its editions to ensure that an author's/artist's work will remain on the web for many, many years to come. Regrettably, Menacing Hedge cannot pay its contributors at this time.

Menacing Hedge accepts only original unpublished literary work; however, it will consider literary work on a case-by-case basis if it has appeared only in print but never on the web. In the case of art and photography, it is acceptable if the piece has appeared on the artist's website or elsewhere.

Upon acceptance of a literary piece, Menacing Hedge obtains first publishing rights and then all rights revert to the author. Menacing Hedge requests that if a published piece is later published elsewhere, that Menacing Hedge will be credited with first publication. Also, Menacing Hedge reserves the right to publish the piece in print.

Scary Bush

If we decide to accept your work, we will also invite you to submit one of your most cringeworthy efforts from the misty past to Menacing Hedge's evil twin, Scary Bush. Please see the Scary Bush page for examples.


Kelly Boyker

Kelly Boyker: Poetry Editor
Kelly Boyker is a founding editor of Menacing Hedge. She is most interested in visceral persona poetry with a dark underside. Her work has appeared in numerous publications and she has contributed to a number of anthologies. She is the author of Zoonosis (Hyacinth Girl Press 2014) and may or may not have a collection forthcoming in 2016. When she is not editing MH, she enjoys gaming with other poets and their spouses.

Craig Wallwork

Craig Wallwork: Fiction Editor
Since I joined Menacing Hedge as Fiction Editor in 2013, I have followed the belief that in a world where restrictions are imposed by science, physics and finance, the only limitations a writer has is their imagination. It's been a privilege to read and publish those who allow free rein to their imagination, and offer stories so unique they resonate long after I have read them. To this end I am always looking for new voices with the ability to shape characters and worlds beyond my comprehension. I particularly interested in stories that lean toward Magical Realism, where the absurd and surreal converge with contemporary life. Seek out collections by Etgar Keret, Aimee Bender and Adam Marek for great examples of this. Ambitious storytelling is a must, with strong characters and voice. For a broader understanding of what tickles my fancy, scoot over to our submission guidelines.

Craig Wallwork is author of two novels, a chapbook and short story collection. He is also the writer of over 50 published stories that have featured in anthologies and journals both in the UK and US. He lives in England with his wife and two children.

Kiara McMorris

Kiara McMorris: Poetry Editor
Kiara hails from the Emerald City and spends much of her time working out, eating, and being an overall badass. She is typically unimpressed with most, but is a non stop talking machine once she starts to discuss her passions like travel and social justice. She has been writing poetry off and on since childhood and does not shy away from abstract thought. You can find her drinking a beer at a dive bar or doing weird burlesque things on stage.

Amanda Gowin

Amanda Gowin: Fiction Editor
I like Anais Nin and Mary Gaitskill. Henry Miller, Poe, Kipling, Melville, Atwood, Marquez, Wallace, Caitlin Kiernan and Karen Russell. I'm the realist to to Craig's magician, though he's the Salinger to my Vonnegut. Send me Siamese twins, chimera cats, poison rings. I don't need supernatural, but I want magic all the same. I will read carefully with full understanding that you've handed me a piece of yourself to examine and evaluate, and I take that seriously. My story-handling gloves are soft and forgiving.

Amanda Gowin lives in the foothills of Appalachia with her husband and son. Her fiction has been published in magazines and anthologies ranging from Warmed and Bound (Velvet Press) and Burnt Tongues (Medallion Press) to NAILED magazine. She co-edited the Cipher Sisters anthology, and her first collection, Radium Girls is currently available.

Gio Guillemette

Gio Guillemette: Technical Director
Technology and reading have always been magical to me, so it is an honor to put our editors' vision to the (virtual) page. My aim is to make the site feel as much like a simple piece of paper as I can. No distractions, just you and the writing. I hope you enjoy the result.

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