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Tamsin Blaxter


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wht kynd ofv an dame wld knowin delve
so deepe as þis
wht kynd ofv an maide wld
wht beast wld graven—
þ mounds lye in mi wake like as pimples aftr th razor!
like th dimpling round an old church             hir
once-congregacioun               hir igatherung-undr-erthe
wht kynd ofv an maide wht     beaste             obliquite...

i ask u

do i slaunder th word womman in
restoring this bodi so? ȝif i impe this tung in2 a wommans mouthe
does tht make me fickle?—
meanild           grucchild         jangleresse rikelot
doude leiȝster             conciounatrix —ȝif
i plaunt seeds jn this white feeld—
slutte   strumpet         callot   wicch slovenin—

i come bk t myselfe after a spel, liv
upon ground a while, look
about me.

dyd i rejoisen this
graveyard ~ cimatorie ofv want/ desyre
sum parfit desire / desire t noht b empti ofv desire—

kynd-ofv-a-girl givs birthe
to boxen, dsnt norish thm at all.
im sayin

wht harvist cn u xpect frm grinded whyte bone, no fecound erth
has this shape/ cunte-betten boi, unwomanli, domb ~ this ys
how 2 plaunt a seede & make a bodi nvr milche ~ this ys how t
plaunt a seede &         nvr ispeden
watchful eiȝes\ wet thighes\ schame shame bear
th word defouler & nvr Open a mouthe ~ im sayin
ths is how 2 plaunt a seede &
make a bodiȝ voide


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Ut th windd-eye
ofv hire whiit van
twa menn pointin
2 me + þei calle
hwat IS þt!! swa i gange
mi fet fulld w/luft anlong
Queens Rd + hi laughe
so hire van is fulld w/
swch merremēte + o tis
an joie 2c!!
+ Nauȝt les ive
no andswer 2 hem.
WHT ys ths
ystraunge kropp
+ roinishe
~ hva er dens mål
her i livet? Is a trans
corps 2b cropped
fra yr raized beddes f
ur scrment
+ sche filleð u up
+ sches hollw&nourising
as an grinny pump
kin? is an trans
bodig 4 makin
porcellana so trans
sparent i solskinn
u saie ive nvr seen
an womman so parfict
as glass! !
4 me 2cover
fjeset mitt do we
bth kno th lie
4 wht it is?
is a trans legeme
i n h a b i t e d, imean,
i gost ths flæsh~wish
ud ta meg i handa
or þt ud ta meg med
handa di but ever
as an alyon, like
þt hus in grubbi pink
aforn-yen mi windeeie
sche wishes
4 anew coat ofv paint
+ sche standt inn th
+ hir bodig nis noxt
hiren selfe.

YIET I can nt remembren lasnight.
YIET inne mi garden i countid seoven magge piȝe.
YIET i can nt iminden me juli ofv 1989 th whitherin ofv th grassis.
YIET seurelie an wommxn like suerelie ani humxn cld minnen evri past gieresgieve.


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Download MP3

awakin in th pool of dusk + yes maintaines th ambiguitie: drinke
2 try t drive th dark away or drinke
2 drive away in2 th dark ~ thees

are nt mutuallie xclusiv choises /                 trye
to xist @ th base ofv your skulle,
wher braine-meats-spine,
hatchin beensproute-egg, this
ys where t feel th live ofv declivety
, this

ys how 4to grow an iw tre
yn a fizzie bodie
yn a palid glebe, yn th erþ utside my window
yn an ugly mess ~ tresses-ofv-hair as Cartographie,
~ endliss dis-coverie ofv hawk & loom
that is
, this
ys how 4to grow an yew tre
yn an bodie-lookin-down
yn an homewarde walk undr streetlampes +
so knouwin th cluttery-mirror ofv th ribs, wrappin th cendal stricte round
th budes-ofv-brestes,
asc is bein hot 4 urself th same thing as bein
feared ofv evri passin man
asc is wakin up alweys th same as
puttin a hole in a pair of tights/
yn body built ofv earth, i mean,
asc ys ther any waye tb sure of stayin

to being drought or spring

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