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Shome Dasgupta

The Rabbit’s Entrance

broken scythes broken handles broken blades about the fields of what once was talking and laughing we gather reflections that come and go with the sun’s shadow our blistered knuckles and palms our lathery necks never straight bowed heads the geese pierce the skies with their beaks the gathering of flapping wings and the sounds of horns vibrate the roofs of our mouths a lost meteorite planted in between the two trees where we first closed our eyes together mounds upon mounds of clouds stacked until our noses are vertical flexed crashing weeds litter and flow making fading puzzles out of the air a sad tale to be told we remain silent until the rabbit makes it way through the ditches of an unrelenting path towards clay and iron

Harnessed Above The Earth

stringed sounds come from the distance sky upon sky playing the world chopped down lemon trees iced and gleaming my eyes falter look away closed the twinkling clouds settle down upon the plains asking for rest hung low the stooped fields of glowing puffs ashed red the air around smelling the taste of yearning throat dry and swell the breath of the horse’s hoof linger among the dry split leaves and go and go and go the day goes following the way the solo winged one ventures into deepened lines separating the world from its mirages solar ringing fastened tight around the clinging ropes the bells cracked and firm against the streaking wood harnessed above the earth

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