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Courtney Leigh


all the little boys like the SAD-EYED GIRL. they wait with optimistic eyes for her to surprise them, maybe even bat an eye. her fetal-curved stance bewilders them, they are intrigued by the mysteriousness of her translucent skin. “maybe an angel!” she hears a little boy say to another little boy who nods his head eagerly. “stop staring at the ghost,” she hears a mother say. her veins vibrate beneath her veil & the mother pulls her little boy’s hand harder toward the next cage. the SAD-EYED GIRL stares at the clean petty coat beckoning her in its fine whiteness. the ringleader wants her to change. he says she’s soiled & torn & if she doesn’t clean up her act, he’ll send her to the orphanage. her reclusive skin will never last there, every orphan will want to sink their fangs into her golden veins. at night the ringleader visits her with a syringe & a dram vial, sucks the gold out to sell on the black market. usually to pedophiles, or people with a fetish for fresh gold. but with every nightly dram he takes, he siphons pieces of her soul & clouds her eyes. she is half-assedly paralyzed, damned to a holy / broken body. one day, a little boy asked her why she was so sad. he held his hand between the bars palm down to touch her. she felt a slight fondness for the boy & then placid emotion. “you are too beautiful to be sad,” he said. but all she heard was “you are too sad to be beautiful”, “you are beautiful because you are so sad.” & when the little boy came back that night with a crowbar to rescue her, she couldn’t bear to walk out the opening she had always longed for.


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for an extra $10, ages 18 & over can visit the EROTIC ADULT FREAKSHOW starring LOBSTER CROTCH. come in & enjoy this makeshift gender hologram. on one side you will see a thin man with actual male genitalia. step up & rub the shaft until it gets hard! lick it if you dare, but please no biting. on the other side you will notice a slender woman with one large plated breast & actual female genitalia. step up if you want to taste the pale juice that oozes from its core. just press the pink button & experience a fountain of ambrosia on your lips & fingertips. (LOBSTER CROTCH argues in the background, its male-side barking loudly while its female side coos & hums. LOBSTER CROTCH thinks about the past life to hold herself back from crying. she was just a little girl with a dirty pleated skirt & somebody loved her. her mother always told her she’d grow out of this & one day be a butterfly as if the penis would just crawl up into a cocoon & fall off for her to grow wings. but when she turned 15, his mother wouldn’t love him anymore. he cut his blond locks, started playing with his penis which turned out never shriveled up into a cocoon, but got even bigger & more sensitive. she walked in on him making out with a girl from school & knew he’d never again be her little girl. at the time, his mother was dating a young ringleader & he offered her money & a safe place to live & she could be his freakshow wifey.) several cages down, his mother watches her son being violated by a crowd of monsters.


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never formed an identity, she never knew which parts were what, just the feelz of them. the ringleader set her glass box across from LOBSTER CROTCH in the EROTIC ADULT FREAKSHOW. she is “afflicted with sexuality”. her feathers flare & her cunt burns beneath royal blue flesh every time someone puts their mouth to LOBSTER CROTCH. men come to visit her burlesque cage to watch her rub herself & finger her ass until she blushes emerald green. MISS PEACOCK imagines they go home to their wives, all whacked on jack & pussy juice ready to fuq. she’s desperate for love, for someone to identify her parts with their fingers & tongue, in a universe of sexual organs orbiting each other. she imagines LOBSTER CROTCH experimenting with both parts & hers—their breasts rubbing against each others’ plutos. but the imagining becomes a prison & just makes her anxious & panic burns through to her fingertips, until their nestled back in her pink bubble pawing for more heat. it’s exhausting & she’s addicted. the ringleader comes to see her often—his hands are the only ones that have touched her in years & in a violent way, she is thankful for them.


harpie of the underworld. a maestro for the ringleader. she dabbles in setting evil in motion. she was responsible for the witch trials when she raged against the women of salem for worshipping other goddesses. HERCULILITH was a jeally demon who despised other women for their femininity because while they grew long locks, slender bodies, & perky breasts; she grew brute & husky, her shoulders boxed, & she was overcome with incredible strength. she aggressively barks to overcompensate for the glass blue heart nestled in her hard parts. she stalks the ringleader every night (for she is very fond of him), as he finds solace in one of his delicreatures. last night, she watched him jerk it to MISS PEACOCK while she rubbed her perfectly round blue breasts against the glass. HERCULILITH felt a desperate sensation suckle at her underloins, but she was too proud. after the ringleader left, HERCULILITH scolded MISS PEACOCK & threatened to dry her wet ass out like a rag on a tree branch, until the whore was rung out of her. she has an eager distaste for the LION TAMER who lets the ringleader ram her in the ass while rubbing her tail in jerk off motions. he liked to suck that kitty good & HERCULILITH was jeally. she watched & imagined she was ass ramming the ringleader to kingdom cum while jerkin’ his tail until he screamed HERCULILITH! she bolted out of there the instant the LION TAMER growled his name & beat herself into every hard thing until she quenched the raging horn that rumbled in her underloins.

she likes to whisper bad ideas & evil plans into the ringleader’s ear. she thinks it’s sexual; she inserts her tongued words into his orifices for his pleasure. one night, he really let her dip in. he begged her tongue in his ear. he was stuck & hard out of ideas. “give me your strongest hand,” he begged her. HERCULILITH reached to his penis & jerked him so hard she stretched his penis across the trailer. the ringleader jumped around in glee for he now had the largest penis of any man he had ever heard. HERCULILITH despaired, but was strangely sensed by the joy he had for his new penis. she cut a smile ear to ear & fed the freaks in their cages, while starving MISS PEACOCK.


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the ringleader calls her “sugar”, so sweet an ass he loves to imagine himself all up in it. most nights he visits her cage & pets her mane. she purrs on his penis & he rams her until the hounds call for morning. the LION TAMER came from another freakshow much like his, but they were participants in nightlong orgies. rich men paid to join the freak party, funding elegant sex galas & circle jerks. the LION TAMER was a leading act—a whip would blow out of her vagina & slap the pussies just soft enough to make them purr. the ringleader first saw her performing this act on a bunch of hungry cats & fell hard in love. he bargained with her ringleader & took his prize home. LION TAMER trains his freaks, punishes them, she orders HERCULILITH to feed them & clean their excrements. LION TAMER runs this motherfucker with her violensex & they all obey. she tells the sky she loves someone when the ringleader worms himself into her. like all those nights she’s ever known of worms finishing off. she tells the ringleader she’ll never love him & some nights when he’s held up electrocuting THE PSYCHOPATHESS, the LION TAMER unhinges the locks of LOBSTER CROTCH’s cage & macks with the ringleader’s son half.

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