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Genelle Chaconas


We agree Marla is damaged hot kohl junkie eyed homemade Goth haircuts thrift store thief borderline anorexic hot we’d pick up a call for desperation dose her do her tell her leave in the morning disagree which of us is her I say neither of us you’re Tyler I’m Cornelius Rupert Travis any of the stupid names I give every night you are the suicide bomb pornographer of dreams I the jet lag insomnia of day jobs you the macho flair of skid row poverty I the 12 steps of modern high rise solutions you the basement anarchist I destroyer of beauty you the doer I the sleeper we’re both crazy you the Britney Spears Haymarket kind me the Boston Marathon in your underwear kind your scars more aesthetic oeuvre of nihilistic self-harm chic mine like fraudulent insurance claims don’t think it’s a compliment we still have the first hard roll on the asphalt drunk golf balls swung into paper mill abysses it’s not a compliment you’re in the driver’s seat but I have the near life experience.


You the Smith and Wesson Model 29 .44 Magnum most powerful handgun in the world and could blow your head clean off longest cowboy chic draw in Hollywood not in Eastwood’s cocky robbery bust but De Niro’s shaking junkie hand afternoon projects brought to an empty chambered silence in neurotic kung fu you’re ballsy but too much to hide under a Salvation Army surplus jacket I’m not so grand I’m concealed carry size the .38 snub light agile small enough to twirl and perfect speeches you can have your big entrance who needs looks when you can have the kill.

As a Downhill Derby Race

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Death should happen the same way a hubcap loosens from the wheel of a car speeding to the next signal and trundles down the sidewalk unnoticed still in motion still aligned to a strange balance beneath an impossible engine you imagine the weightless frame the absent velocity like terminal grace so when it wheels off course in one wide fluid arc into a foreclosed insurance office its parking lot cluttered with last year’s license plates it spins like a flipped silver dollar and clatters to the dusty concrete but it looks staged like a movie stunt and then it stops.

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