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Melissa Eleftherion


The thin connective tissue a wedding song
Outside, an organism –
Gregarious leaping from branches
A dull musical hum

All coordinates marry distance
Measure hostility of an old heart
Slowly – a meat snap

A stitched wedding dress
The heart now feathers for plucking


The body met with an alter of the image of the body
What we see when we seek reflection

The ever a whisper an incandescent eye droop
Gravity seeking its own breasts cupped so the light can laugh too

How time makes us empathic for women we once reviled
Neglect and its chambers of dropped infants

The insouciance of stubbed cigarettes as woman spooned the creamed peas
Time is making my ankles heavy where I ripped and ripped out my roots

Extirpated that woman in the kitchen smock
Extirpated that idea of seeking permission

This plastic suit is really tight

Your fat body is my fat body on the gallery wall.
We mark the green spaces for breathing.
To rearrange the limbs of congruity or harmony,
To send out deviation.

Bones in early spring followed by large, heart-shaped leaves
Another term for a smokeless explosive, a discolored spot.

To recognize the faces
A moment of the wrongs
Hanging space of the waitress
Large, thorny instrument to welcome salt

We make a skin collage,
Seal a system of coordinates
A point on a line happens outside the vagina
So that the stretched glands festoon


My heartbreak a controlled sex vocabulary
Schema syntax
Collocating linguistic changes
Where the movement is horizontal
Reciprocity for practical problems
The single noun jurisdiction
To be compound to modify
Is to dig, plow anarchisms
Make resolute a love system

Marriage epidemic endemic to linear
A discipline for stray idioms
Usage dictates we don't sell it out front
Pillow drool and a hairy sink
Your social phobia the board game landscape
My satisfaction a household disorder

from invertebrate series

A human is a half-way house to a bird
Whiplike flagella that lash back and forth
Poking at echinodermata, appropriating invertebrate wraith

Is I what it means to be a self
A stomach the length of a performer's discretion
Granularity of its stain – a tree ring

All night the hard fatty substance applied,
Slurps with an enlarged pink.
What are the attempted catechisms masochisms
The wind a push of carnivorous ghosts

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