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Menacing Hedge Cover Art By Susan Yount

Susan Yount is editor and publisher at Arsenic Lobster poetry journal and founder of Misty Publications. She works fulltime at the Associated Press. Her collages have been published in Birds Piled Loosely, Masque and Spectacle, Milk Journal, Glint Literary Review, and elsewhere. Keep up with her poetry tarot project here:

Fall 2018: Florence 9.8.18

Florence 9.8.18

Summer 2018: Assembly Line

Assembly Line

Spring 2018: Earth and Moon

Winter 2018: Can’t Anybody See


Fall 2017: Female Study 2016

Female Study 2016

Summer 2017: Bucky is Back

Bucky is Back

Spring 2017: Don’t Tell Mom

Don't Tell Mom

Winter 2017: Confess


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