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Juliet Cook and Darryl Shupe

Deep-fried Model Faces Sold Here

Having sheep spit drying on my arm was nasty and that's not an exaggeration.
The spit grew into a force field of rancid sputum that morphed one arm
into a poisonous missile launcher. I wasn't sure which arm to use.
I wasn't sure which side I was on because I don't take sides. I'm globular.

I cracked open the caged runway models who were not allowed
to wear anything other than dirty sheep wool.
Whose teeth and tongues had been removed to make room
for more nasty spittle. Now goats,

goats are a different kind of nasty,
bleating and coughing up gelatinous globs of goo.
Keep their pens clean or the models get the hose again.
Then the cycle of fair snot continues on to the next county
until nobody gives a shit anymore.

Time to shear off the misaligned models skin
and sell it to the top bidding butcher.

Double Deep-fried Giblets

Rabbit barn playboy
bunny models
with the blood red eyes
are sold for meat curtains.
Choose between albino or furry.

Then step inside this poultry barn.
Over in the corner
is a crusty nasty
hatchet ready to chop
another head off.

One model holds the ax up high
and screams, "Do I look like a chicken
fucker to you?"

We fuck heads, we hack heads, we dump heads,
we fling more heads into the dirty land
of bloodstained stew pots set to boil.
We eat greasy fair food while we wait for more
decapitated heads to turn into more garbage.

Bloody Rubber Chicken

Do humans have giblets?
Ask the man in the corner of this dark barn.
He might tell you that's a multiple choice question
and pull out a knife and a cookbook
that features recipes for edible offal.

He might let you know that
hearts and necks are chewy.
To hell with fried chicken.
Give him blood and guts.

Give him the chicken shack stand
filled with walking heart attacks
and humans replaced with fair game
prizes. He might tell you either you're edible
or you're a stuffed animal.

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