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Jeffrey Hecker

Ed. note: Each of these poems is from Hecker's collection Ark Aft.

Armadillo & Beaver

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I can pay for apartment utilities or Mother’s Day, bemoans Armadillo.
Beaver says dam. I can afford groceries or Father’s Day, Armadillo
blues. Beaver says dam. Personal property tax or Relay For Life.
Armadillo opts for cancer treatment. Beaver says dam. Armadillo:
student loans or Thanksgiving or Christmas? Beaver says goddamn.

Wolverine & Yak

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Is it true you invented hokey pokey? asks Wolverine. Yak says accurate.
How did you manage? asks Wolverine. Yak says right, left, or left, right,
doesn’t matter, cloven hoof, each arm separate, each elbow separate, head,
each hip separate, whole self, finally backside or bottom in, out, in, shake
all about, hokey pokey, turn yourself around. I don’t follow, says Wolverine.

Camel & Deer

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Two ideas for game shows, Camel pitches Deer. One challenges Deer,
frigid on all-arctic planet, to harness solar energy. Deer encourages you
direct I watch. The next summons Camel to save marshland. Whoever
finds utterly leaving alone never to return is solution to entertainment,
environment, and winner. Deer endorses you produce you play I host.

Cat & Snake

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Cat tells Snake they’ve been invited to open American Music Awards live.
Snake asks Cat why on sweet earth? Cat shows Snake their album covers.
Snake neither recalls hit records, nor any linked series of other manifold
events consequential, all memories Cat can account over several decades.
Snake asks Cat what instrument Snake plays. Snake’s star vocalist.

Dog & Hippo

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Dog laments every aspect Dog loves begins on day one in surprise,
by day two escalates to fret. Hippo also dislikes what Hippo loves.
Dog says I love Hippo. Hippo says I love Dog. Hippo also dislikes Dog.
Last night, love stunned Dog, this morning, fear. Dog worries Hippo
liked Dog much more prior to Hippo loving Dog. Hippo sweats blood.

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